How It Works and Why Bother

KiSS Ear Candles
are proudly handmade
in the USA of Pure Beeswax

Simple Step-By-Step to Ear Candling

Be comfortable!
Candling is a soothing and relaxing experience.

Place the candle through the foil-covered paper plate.

Light the large end of the candle making sure it is burning evenly.

Next, place the narrow end of the candle gently into the opening of the ear canal until it is seated.  Gently.  If smoke escapes at the ear, the candle is not seated properly.  lift the candle and gently reseat it.  Kiss1

If you hold the candle fairly straight, it will create warmth and a gentle vacuum. A pleasant sensation of warmth is common.




remove the candle and clip the burned wick off.  Do this above the flame so you don’t extinguish the flame and cut above/into a container of water. Kiss2

Gently reseat the candle in the ear canal opening Kiss3and burn to the RED line.

Remove candle from ear and put the flame out in container of water.






From the large end, cut the candle open.


View the debris in your candle

before you decide if you want to use another

candle in the same ear.





Ear Candles are used to open the higher spiritual centers,Chakras

when striving to develop Kiss5our more than human senses.

Our KiSS EAR Candle  are far superior to any others.  These are the same pure candles that we make for our own family, and we thought you would appreciate that quality sent to you and your family.  We take enormous pride in the quality of our product.

Each KiSS EAR Candle is handmade.  Each KiSS EAR Candle has a pure, unbleached muslin core that acts as a wick, inside the hollow 9″, pure beeswax candle. Ear candles create warmth and gentle vacuum.   Each and every pair has been multiple dipped to ensure a longer, deeper cleansing.

Each pair comes individually wrapped with the candling instructions presented with complete text and illustrations.

As manufacturers, KiSS EARCandles cannot claim that our candles clean out the old debris from the ears; that they have cleared up sinus problems, eliminated sinus headaches, relieved symptoms of allergies, colds, ringing in the ears – in three consecutive sessions, nor… of course that they draw wax and Candidia from the ear (yeast infection by any other name), eliminate need for tubes in kid’s ears, even though our current customers are affirming all that and more.


 The ultimate act of love is taking care of oneself!

YES! These are the Original KiSS Ear Candles

Ear candling is an ancient art that has been recently rediscovered.

KiSS Ear Candles are used to open the higher spiritual centers, Chakras,
when striving to develop our more than human senses.

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